Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Moon Princess (Moon Princess) Slot

Three lucky girls bring the key to victory! Moon Princess (Moon Princess)

Moon Princess is a 6 x 6 drop-in slot game provided by Play'n GO (Plain Go). The point is three princesses of LOVE, STAR, and STORM who made a love like a pretty magical girl by any means. (Sometimes the Japanese Play 918kiss anime "Sailor ○ Run" is reminiscent of (^ ω ^) · · · Such cuteness changes and the explosive power is from the beginning of the release as a slot where high payouts can be targeted It's a hot topic.

Moon Princess is a slot design with a humorous atmosphere, with four symbols with motifs of hearts and bells, and three symbols for each princess. And a total of eight symbols will appear, one for WILD. If three of the same symbols line up vertically or horizontally, a payout will be generated. The biggest feature is that even with different princesses, the princess symbol will generate payouts.In addition, the moon princess has a chain function, and after the symbol won in the first lottery disappears, the symbol falls again from above and re-lottery. As the winning continues, the multiplier factor increases, and up to 20 times.

Free spin

The free spin entry condition of Moon Princess with no scatter is a little special, and it is possible to gain free spins by setting "all out state" in which all symbols except WILD symbols disappear from the reel by chaining.Free spins can be changed according to the player's preference, as one of the three princesses is selected as a partner, and the initial number of free spins and the number of additional wins differ by the princess.Since there is a multiplier in the chain itself, new magnification can not be applied to free spin during free spin, but dividend will be 100 times if all erasure occurs during free spin.

Useful functions / features

In Moon Princess, three princesses appear randomly during play. The effects are as follows.

  1. LOVE → change one symbol randomly 
  2. STAR → change one or two symbols to WILD 
  3. STORM → two kinds of symbols are removed

Also, if you let the princess symbol disappear in one game in a row, the gauge at the lower left will be stored and you will enter a free round called "Prince of Three". During this time, the Princess assists the substitute player. Whether or not this "princess threesome" is generated holds the key to plunge into free spins.

Moon Princess (Moon Princess) Slot Summary

It is not a mainstream reel-type slot, but the game character itself is very expensive. Moon Princess can feel as if it is playing a puzzle game. It can be up to 20 times the multiplier, so it's a very complete slot with both fun and explosive power.

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